Scarier situation than I ever imagined!
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Autor:  hawrdstrack [ stř 25. dub 2018 8:38:07 ]
Předmět příspěvku:  Scarier situation than I ever imagined!


I am coping with my recent fibro diagnosis pretty well, but have found myself in a situation far scarier than I ever imagined lately. Six days ago, I woke up with no use of my left arm or leg. A trip to the er cleared me of a stroke and the doctor said it was probably caused by the fibromyalgia. I regained use of my arm by the end of the day, but still had no use of my left leg. It's been 6 days now, and I've gained the ability to turn my ankle in and out and raise my knee an inch or so but still can't fully use my leg. I went to my primary doctor about the issue, but she looked at me and said "you said it's getting better..." as she walked out of the room! I was furious, I've been using an old broom handle to help me walk and my doctor didn't seem to care. Has anyone else dealt with loss of use of a limb, any ideas on when/ if I may get use back? I'm scared out of my mind that I won't get function back in my leg.

Please help.

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