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What Are My Chances Of Having Mono?

Vše, co se týká mononukleózy. Prevence, propuknutí, léčení, dieta, zkušenosti s doktory, reaktivace a případné následky.

What Are My Chances Of Having Mono?

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I have recently been diagnosed with EBV. I didn't present with the "normal" symptoms. I first experienced joint pain, then muscle pain, followed by extreme fatigue and muscle weakness. That lasted for about a month, then I developed sharp electric pains in my nerves and associated muscle weakness and numbness that comes and goes in my arms and legs. The nerve sensations have lasted for about 2 months. I seem to be healing As I haven't experienced as many sharp electric pains, just numbness and tingling. I have been to a neurologist and have had an MRI of the head and neck which came back normal. Has anyone ever experienced anything of this sort of nature? I've been experiencing symptoms from EBV for 3 months now. It's also important to note I was tested for Lyme and other blood work was done. Everything was normal except the ebv (which showed I had either contracted ebv in the last 6 months or it was
A reactivation) please help! Would love to know I'm not alone.

Please help.

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