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An (almost) all Ramen diet? Will we die?

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An (almost) all Ramen diet? Will we die?

Příspěvekod spadekevin » ned 15. črc 2018 15:14:44


In an effort for me to lose weight and for both of us to get healthy, lately we've been eating a lot better. Lots of lean ground turkey, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, shrimp, vegetables, and other tasty and good-for-you foods. The problem is that on my income (we're a single income family) we're spending more on food than on almost anything else, simply due to the expense of buying healthy food. Cheap, convenient, healthy: Pick two, right? Well, now I have to pick one. And cheap is going to be it. So money's tight right now, and rather than completely compromise our diet by eating high-calorie, low-cost foods, we were considering only partially compromising it by eating low-calorie, low-cost foods. Specifically, Ramen noodles.
Now, the Ramen would be supplemented by lots of water to mitigate the amount of sodium, by green salads and by vitamins. We would also have fruits and vegetables as we can afford them.
I'm not asking, "Is this the healthiest diet one can have?" I'm asking, "Is this going to kill us?"
Right now, the sodium and the lack of nutritional value are my main concerns, but both of those can be (at least partially) rendered moot by the aforementioned water and vitamins.
Is there something I'm seriously missing here? Any reason why this can't be done?

Please help.

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