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What is mononucleosis?

It is virus disease that attacks body glands, it is also called "glandular fever". Mononucleosis attacks mainly liver and spleen. It is caused by EB virus (Epstein - Barr virus)

Which symptoms are typical for mononucleosis?

  • start of the disease
    • fatique
    • loss of appetite
    • headache
    • muscle ache
    • ague
    • sudoresis (sweet)
    • elevated temprerature
  • fully developped disease
    • fever (38-39 °C equal to 100 °F)
    • coat on tonsils (similar to tonsilitis)
    • intumescence of lymph glands, aeroparotitis
    • sometimes pressure under ribs on the right side - caused by enlarged liver
    • sometimes swollen eyelids
    • sometimes yellowish sclerotica (white of the eye)
    • sometimes red pimples - eczema

What to do if you see these symptoms?

See your doctor - don't be afraid of him.

He will help you much more than me. I'm not a doctor, nor can I make diagnosis via internet.

Which conditions can start mononucleosis?

  • weaken immunity
  • stress
  • big brain-fag

How can be mononucleosis diagnosed?

It is necessarry to do the specific blood tests. Suspicion to mononucleosis can be taken even from liver tests (ALT, AST, billirubin) or from symptoms. But the definitive diagnosis can be made only upon the specific tests.

How can you get mononucleosis?

Infectivity is said to be small. The most frequent case of getting infected is by salivas. Therefore mononucleosis is called also "Kissing disease". But the infection can be indirect - via glass, cigaret circulating amongst more people,...

How can be mononucleosis cured?

When you have a grave case of mononucleosis, even hospitalisation is necessarry. But mostly it's enough to stay at home and see a doctor regularly. Beacuse mononucleosis is virus disease, antibiotics have NO effect on its treatment. They are only prescribed to beat the complications going with mono. The only treatment is based on repose regime and diet. The more you are in comformity with the diety, the sooner you are fit.

How long is mononucleosis cured?

It takes aproximately 6 months. Usually first month you have to stay at home and then you can go to work or school but you must still be on a diet. If everything goes well, the period can be even shorter. For example the top sportsmen are usually allowed to do the training after about three months.

How will my life change after mononucleosis?

Generally it won't be different from the one before mono. Mononucleosis usually isn't latent. And more, you shouldn't pass mononucleosis more than one times. It is something like a child disease - the acquired immunity is present for the rest of your life. The only special case when you can have troubles with mononucleosis for the second time is so called reactivated mono when in fact the original virus is once more activated. But the course of the mononucleosis should never have the same strength as the first time

How much I am dangerous to my neighbourhood?

Don't worry, the infectivity is small. And moreover, more than 95% of adult population already has the virus in the body.

Do you want to know more?

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If this info is not enough, post your question to discussion forum.

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