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Here you are the recipes that visitors of these pages send to me. Most of all mother, that can bother with such a trouble as liver diet is. If you have some favorite recipe, do not hesitate to post it.

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zobraz recept Steak (L. Okenfussová)
(1 portion(s)) dia
100g meat (chicken, turkey, calf or pork); flour; white egg; defatted milk
Beat and salt the steak of meat.
Lag the steak with farine and melange of egg and milk and crumb. Prepare a square of tinfoil and smear it with a drop of vegetable oil. The meat won't stick to the foil. Pack the meat in the foil and roast it in oven for 25 to 30 minutes, depending on meat type.
zobraz recept French potatoes (onkri)
(1 portion(s)) dia
3 potatoes; 30g of cheese (several species); 30g of ham
Boil potatoes before peeling, cut them into circles. Place the plates in the plate and interlace with cheese and ham. Bake in microvave oven until cheese melts. It is quick, simple and tasty.
zobraz recept Red pasta with chicken meat (onkri)
(1 portion(s)) dia
pasta 100g; 1 tomato; 1/2 pepper, 30g chicken meat
Boil pasta. Mix it with cut-up tomato and pepper and with diced boiled chicken meat. It isn't piquant at all, but this is the diet...

Next recipes are copied from "Diety při onemocnění mononukleózou" (Diets for mononucleosis). This brochure contains several pages about mononucleosis and its treatment. Important is, that there are also more thant fifty useful recipes. The recipes are divided into five groups: (soup, main meal, desert, salad, sweet mels). Here are five recipes, one from each group as teaser. (Brochure is in czech language)
zobraz recept Rice soup
(4 portion(s)) dia
rice 30g, carrot 40g, parsley 40g, celery 20g, salt, parsely tops
Clean and wash the vegetables, cut into stripes and boil in salt water. Scald and rince the rice and add it to the soup. When it is boiled and ready, add finely diced parsely tops.
zobraz recept Meat filled potatoes
(4 portion(s)) dia
80g of lean meat (mix of pork, calf and rabbit), potatoes 600g, sumin, salt, parsely tops, vegetable oil
Clean the meat, cut it in small dices, give a bit of water into the pot, salt the meat and stew it. Peel the potatoes, cut them into halves and hollow them out. Grind the meat, mix it with diced parsely tops and fill potatoes with this stuffing. Sprinkle with oil and cumin, range in the baking bowl. Add a bit of water and stew in oven.

Order brochure in e-shop of MAC publishing house.
Order "Diety při onemocnění mononukleózou" (czech)

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