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In past, really strict diet was prescribed during mononucelosis. Nowadays this strict diet becomes abandonned. Because it was not proved that the strict diet really helps. In most cases it is enough to follow general rules of healthy eating and life style.

For those of you who still want to be on a strict diet, here is this strict diet.

You can reda a lot about healthy eating on the internet. Therefore I only repeat ten main rules:

  1. do not stop eating - you should eat regularly, more times a day (at least 5 times), small portions
  2. fresh food - the food should be fresh prepared. I cook -> I eat. You should not eat cans.
  3. diverse food - the food should contain everything - meat, trimmings, vegetables, bread, sweets - and you should change it often
  4. no alcohol
  5. no fats - before all animal fats
  6. no frying - you should prefer other types of heat preparations of food (boiling, stewing)
  7. vegetables, fruits and vitamins
  8. do not exceed limits - you can eat whatewer you want, but do not overeat yourself
  9. do not eat foods, after that you are sick - listen to your body, when it doesn't want to eat something, just do not force your body to eat it
  10. bethink - your own brain is the best tool. For once you can overgo this rules, you can have a really greasy steak, you can have a chocolate drink. Exceptionally. It is OK to please yourself. But be carefull not to make a habit!