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Complications - when the things go wrong

If you have an impression, that mononucleosis is in fact a funny disease, you should carefully read this page. Sometimes something goes wrong and it can be really serious. The mononucleosis can be really tough and lengthy disease.

What can happen:

  • hard swallowing
  • jam of upper airways
  • weaken imunity
  • streptococus tonsilitis
  • pneumonia
  • cardiopericarditis
  • brain fever
  • liver disease, hepatitis
  • rarely spleen rupture
    Our visitors say that it is even possible to (no guarantee)
  • barotitis
  • hear falling

How to cure complications

  • jam of upper airways - corticosteroids
  • streptococus tonsilitis - antibiotics (erythromycin)
  • spleen rupture - chirurgically